• What are Kid Family English lessons like?
    Very simple, fun and yet simultaneously effective. You watch an animated story while listening to and, if you want, reading whole sentences spoken by native American English speakers. You then intensively practice new words and grammar in the form of questions and answers.
  • From what age is the application suitable?
    Young children will love perusing the story, looking at pictures, listening to recordings and getting used to a foreign language. School-aged children can fully make use of the app’s potential by systematically working through it.
  • Is the app suitable for adults?
    If the nice characters on this site appeal to you, you like stories, and want to learn or improve your English, the application is suitable for you. With Kid Family English, you learn a commonly used language that even adults speak.
  • What all will I learn with Kid Family English?
    Above all, you will get used to spoken English, learn to react quickly, and recognize that English is not something to be afraid of, but rather a great tool for communication. The app is designed for complete beginners to use. So, the first chapter begins with simple sentences and grammar. However, new words are quickly added with each chapter and you practice more grammar principles.
  • Do I learn grammar in the application?
    Yes. Grammar is a part of language, so it is necessary to master it. Here, in place of tables and charts, however, you will encounter a vast number of carefully selected sentences and questions where you will learn to use grammar. However, since tables and charts can sometimes be helpful in learning a language, we've put a few pages of them in the worksheets (which you can buy on this site) where basic grammar principles are easily explained with illustrations.
  • What does the application specifically practice?
    The app helps you practice the present continuous and present simple tenses, imperative, the verbs “to be, to have, can, must”, pronouns, articles, plural nouns, plus the terms "some, any, still, yet, anymore, like, if, every, would." You will encounter some relative sentences, relative pronouns, etc.
  • Do you plan on continuing?
    Yes. We're already working on it. There is a lot that our students still need to learn – more vocabulary and expressions, as well as grammar. We also feel it would only be right to explain why the grandparents live so far away, what Matthew and Dad are making in the garage, and what idea Matthew had at the end of the story.
  • Why is there a fee for Kid Family English while most apps are free?
    The vast majority of applications are not free, even though it may look like they are. A lot of time and work has gone into every good app that someone has to pay for. Today, users most often pay through the ads that they must endure, later through in-app purchases, or monthly subscriptions, ultimately paying more than they anticipated. We chose a simple and straightforward way – to charge for the app when it’s downloaded. We believe that the amount you invest into your or your children's education will benefit you over time.
  • Does the app contain ads?
    No. There are no in-app ads.
  • Does the app work offline?
    Yes. After downloading it to your device, the application no longer requires Internet connection. So you can learn anytime, anywhere and feel free to give the application to your children.
  • Why aren’t the worksheets part of the application, meaning I have to download and print them in PDF format?
    We think that when students engage in the learning process with their hands by writing the answers nicely on paper, circling, etc., they will remember the subject matter better than if they were to just tap the screen.
  • Are worksheets absolutely necessary?
    No, they aren’t. Of course, you can use the app alone. However, the worksheets are highly recommended – in addition to practice, you will find basic grammar summaries and exercises to help you practice asking questions.
  • Can I use only the worksheets?
    No, please don't buy the worksheets alone. If you don't know the story from the application, the worksheets won't make very much sense to you.
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