Pronouns, colors ... and two cute rabbit characters

Pronouns, colors ... and two cute rabbit characters

In today's chapter you'll meet the cute rabbit characters again. Jim and Sara are waiting for your great children/students. They'll help them practice the verb to BE in singular and plural, possessive pronouns MY, YOUR, HIS, HER, ITS, OUR, THEIR, demonstrative pronouns THIS, THAT, THESE, THOSE, colours, and much more. 

We want you and your students/children to enjoy learning English because only then can they really learn English. That is why we decided to do something unusual; instead of a regular textbook, we have prepared an animated story in English for you and your students. Come dive into the funny cartoon adventures of the Kid family with us. If you haven't met Jim and Sara yet, you can go to Chapter 1 first.

*If you keep reading, you'll find a cute bonus video at the end of this article.


1) Listen to the STORY

Go through all 4 parts of the story.


2) Answer the QUESTIONS 

!!! This is the most important and powerful part of the Kid Family English app. Make sure your students or children do not skip it !!!

It's good to listen to different English recordings and videos. But it is also important to learn to react swiftly and not be afraid to speak. That's why we have prepared a few questions for each picture and situation. When your students are ready, they can start responding. If they do not feel comfortable yet, they can listen to the correct answers and try to understand them first. When they're ready, they can try the short yes/no answers, and they can answer the whole sentence later. They compare their answer with the response of the native speakers. Encourage them to take their time and learn deeply. There is no need to rush.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


You can see how the app works in the video below.


3) Print out the worksheets (you'll find them below)

We think that when students engage in the learning process with their hands by writing the answers nicely on paper, circling, etc., they will remember the subject matter better than if they were to just tap the screen.


4) Listen to the story told by Jim (Part 1 and Part 2)

This section is important for your students and children to learn and practice the 1st person and to repeat the vocabulary from the lesson. 


5) Did you like the story? Do you want to learn more? 

Go to Google Play or App Store and buy the Kid Family English app. Yes, the app is paid. There are not many free apps, even though it may look like they are. A lot of time and work has gone into every good app that someone has to pay for. Today, users most often pay through the ads that they must endure, later through in-app purchases, or monthly subscriptions, ultimately paying more than they anticipated. We chose a simple and straightforward way – to charge for the app when it’s downloaded. We believe that the amount you invest into your or your children's education will benefit you over time.

What do you get when buying our app?

-> access to all 12 chapters

-> more than 8 hours of recordings

-> more than 1800 questions waiting for someone to answer

-> you'll be able to hide/see text and focus on listening/reading

-> the app is simple and easy to use

-> it works offline and there are no ads


The promised bonus video :)


 Any questions? We are always happy to hear from you. Write us at

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