Kid Family English rated 5-stars by the Educational App Store

Kid Family English rated 5-stars by the Educational App Store

We’re happy to share that the Educational App Store, the leading independent certification body for educational apps, has certified Kid Family English and rated us 5-stars.

The Educational App Store uses experienced and practising teachers to carry out app certifications and reviews. They score individual apps against their unique rubrics learning criteria, and only the very best apps receive their prestigious 5-star rating. Their reviews cover mapy aspects of the app – content, educational value, integration, design and more.

An excerpt from the teacher review:

Kid Family English is an English language app that has predominately been created to help people learn English as a second language. Through the use of storytelling the developer aims to introduce language through the art of the story and then compound understanding through questioning on what has happened in the story. There are multiple elements to the app that work through a number of different ways to help users become familiar and more fluent with the English language and these are successfully achieved throughout the app.


To read the full review, visit:

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