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My name is Daniela and I am from Prague (Czech Republic). My husband and I have 4 children. I have always loved foreign languages and enjoyed traveling. In my youth, I studied German and French intensively, then I later began to learn English. I went through several language courses and tried out a variety of language learning methods.

When I began thinking about how to effectively teach our own children English, I saw an animated story about a large family and this thought never left in my mind. Thanks to great collaborators, my original modest idea gradually grew into the professional application of Kid Family English, which you now see on this site.


To Mirka, for lovingly and enthusiastically drawing the pictures for the application. She is an illustrator, mom of two children, and wife of an artist with whom she completes a great creative team. 

To the native English speaking Americans, for recording the voices and correcting the texts for you. To the skillful team of programmers who created and animated the illustrations. I owe my inspiration for the story to our children, rabbits and several families we met in the US who opened their homes to us, allowing us to have a peek into their lives. I am also very grateful for the sound engineers with whom we made recordings, for the graphic artists who helped convert hand-drawn images into digital form, and for our daughter who composed and recorded the jingle for the application. My biggest thanks go to my whole family for their patience and especially my husband, thanks to whom I could embark on this adventure called Kid Family English.

I believe that Kid Family English will help you and your children on the adventurous journey to better English.



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