About the app

An animated story

We want you and your children to enjoy learning English because only then can you really learn English. That is why we decided to do something unusual; instead of a regular textbook, we have prepared an animated story in English for you and your children. Come dive into the funny cartoon adventures of the Kid family with us and let yourself be literally surrounded by English. You will soon be pleasantly surprised by the results.

The method of teaching English 

Kid Family English is not just a funny story. It is also a carefully thought out method of teaching English. Behind the nice pictures is a proven system, a good portion of English grammar, and new vocabulary. The story begins with simple sentences that beginners, children, and adults will understand through pictures. In each chapter you will learn new vocabulary, learn English grammar gradually, and practice everything thoroughly.

8 hours of recordings and 1800 questions

If you want to learn English well, you need to listen to English regularly. It is good to hear different native speakers to get used to their rhythm of speech, accent, and pronunciation. You need to get English under your skin in order to start thinking in English. It is also important to learn to react swiftly and not be afraid to speak. With mobile devices and Kid Family English, you can start listening to English and speaking within minutes - hours of recordings and hundreds of questions are waiting for you.

Mobile app and worksheets

Kid Family English is a mobile application that you can purchase through Google Play or AppStore and download to your tablet or phone. It is available for both Android and iOS. After downloading to your device, it no longer requires an Internet connection (works offline). The app does not contain any ads, nor does it encourage you to make any further purchases. It is possible to buy worksheets in PDF format to practice reading and writing.

Who is Kid Family English for?

The application will greatly serve children and all adult students through the nice characters and animals that you see on this site. You will meet them throughout the story. The application is suitable for both beginners and intermediate. Even students who have studied English for a long time via textbooks, yet still don’t have strong communication skills, can benefit from the app thanks to its focus on listening and understanding.


How to use Kid Family English

Kid Family English is a story, so whether you are a beginner or advanced, always start with the first chapter and then continue.

Start by listening to the story (STORY)

Go through the story if you don't understand something - you can't tell what is being said from the picture, ask someone to explain it. If you don't have the option, you can search for unknown words in the dictionary. Or go on and you will understand in a moment. When learning a foreign language, you often have to guess from the context what a particular word or certain grammatical phenomenon means – it’s not that every time or everything can be searched for in a dictionary or language handbook. Over time, your feeling will tell you what is important for immediate understanding and what is not so important.

Go to QUESTIONS and try answering

We have prepared a few questions for each picture and situation. When you're ready, start responding. If you do not feel comfortable yet, listen to the correct answers and try to understand them. When you're ready, try the short yes/no answers, and you can answer the whole sentence later. Compare your answer with the response of the native speakers. Take your time. Stay on a question for a week or more until you understand everything well.

Proceed by listening to the story from the mouth of one of the heroes of the story (STORY TOLD BY JIM, BEN, WENDY, etc.)

This section is important for you to learn and practice the 1st person in singular as well as in plural; you need to know and manage "I, we, my, ours, etc."

In the next step you will become the heroes of the story and help them answer questions (HELP JIM, BEN, WENDY… ANSWER THE QUESTIONS)

You will intensively practice 1st and 2nd person singular and plural and repeat the vocabulary from the given lesson. You can start listening again, then add short answers and finally answer with whole sentences. And when you're ready, head to the next chapter.

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